ISKF Santa Monica Juniors

For Ages 5 thru 12 years


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Children and Karate

Karate training is a unique fitness program which teaches children to focus their mental and physical energies in productive and non-violent ways. The most obvious benefits of karate training for children are physical development, coordination training, and good health. There are also additional psychological and emotional benefits, which are not immediately apparent. Often-mentioned results of karate training are greater focus, higher self-esteem, increased self-discipline, calmness, and a more positive attitude toward life — besides, of course, knowledge of self-defense. However, the main focus of karate training is perfection of character.

Karate has many aspects — mental, spiritual and physical. It is both an art and a sport. Whether your child wants to pursue karate in the competitive arena of tournaments, for self-defense, for the art, or for the exercise and mental gratification it brings, ISKF Santa Monica promises to deliver personalized attention and maximum focus towards fulfilling your child’s goals.


Karate-do is a martial art with the ultimate aim of the development of character through training. It is an empty-handed art of self-defense, in which the body itself is used as a weapon through techniques of punching, kicking, striking and blocking.Of primary importance in the study of karate are form, balance, “centered-ness”, power, speed, kime (explosive concentration of power), rhythm and timing. The quality to accomplish this is self-control. To become a victor, one must first overcome one’s self.

The Dojo

The International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) Santa Monica was established in 1974 under chief instructor James Field, certified instructor and eighth-degree black belt. This dojo (school) is also the Southwest Regional Headquarters for the ISKF. Ranks achieved at the ISKF Santa Monica dojo are recognized worldwide.

The Organization

ISKF Santa Monica Juniors and ISKF Santa Monica are part of the International Shotokan Karate Federation headquartered in Philadelphia. The ISKF is one of the largest and most-respected karate organizations in the world. Ranks and teachings are standardized to enable the student to practice at any ISKF dojo in the world.

Enrollment/Emergency Cards

It is very important that we have current information on your child, in the event of an emergency. Please notify us of any changes during the year.

Dress Code

For the first week, new students may wear loose clothing that they can stretch in, such as a T-shirt and sweat pants, After that, they are expected to dress in a traditional white gi (karate uniform). No shoes are allowed.

Holidays and Special Events

Classes continue throughout the year. Occasional single holidays are also observed throughout the year, without tuition adjustment. Participation in youth tournaments is offered, as well as special parties, camps and training sessions. Exams are given every 3 months.


Parents and visitors are welcome to visit at all times. Please remain off the floor and be as quiet as possible.

Class Schedules & Fees

Class schedules and fees are available on the Schedules & Fees page.


Carol Genovese, Steven Casper, Linda Mikell, Sharon Quon


Cassandra (7) and Sophia (8) take their exam. June 2011.